Our Story

Cilia Fishman and Laura Khoudari-Rico are a pair of cousins and middle child extraordinaires who have long been fascinated with all things beauty and wellness. As children, they were constantly experimenting with homemade beauty mixtures and concoctions and as young adults, they explored nearly every fitness, diet, and makeup routine. Both of them also shared a common interest and background in helping others, Cilia in psychology and Laura in life- coaching.

In 2018, during a Mother’s Day brunch, their passions finally converged and they decided to embark on an extraordinary journey together. They created Ladybug Potions®, a company dedicated to developing the most effective natural products that enhance physical health and beauty while focusing on strengthening emotional health and inner beauty in the process.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide natural and non-toxic health and beauty products to help women improve their health and use it as a catalyst to promote self-love and confidence.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a trusted brand and community that women can rely on to make an impactful difference in their mental and physical health. We will hold each other accountable to live the most beautiful life that we can.

Our Values
  • Authenticity and Trust

We honor each customer who trusts us with their health and beauty needs by creating an authentic and truthful experience. There are no surprises with our ingredients! What you see is what you get!

  • Education

The majority of consumers are in the dark regarding the harmful effects on their health of many common ingredients found in conventional health and beauty products. Ladybug Potions intends to share the truth about these commonly used ingredients through education and awareness.

  • Innovation

We seek to be at the cutting edge of our industry with the most effective formulas and the highest quality natural ingredients. Made with love, our products will benefit your physical health and allow your inner beauty to shine.

  • Results

Our innovative formulas and proven natural ingredients deliver results you will feel and see. Ladybug Potions is an integral part of the journey to inner and outer beauty.

 Laura Khoudari-Rico and Cilia Fishman